“Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

This is not a blog for everyone. Let me begin by saying that.

I am an atheist. This belief, or lack of belief is not a choice. It is an inevitable conclusion based upon study, evidence, testing and logic. Even if I still wanted to believe in some kind of deity I no longer can. Faith is a choice, belief is not.

So why do I choose not to have faith? The short answer is I don’t see it as necessary, and that knowledge can supersede faith. For the long answer…well, that’s what this blog is for.

I also want to emphasise I am not trying to undermine anyone’s beliefs, although I admit I think it is an inevitable conclusion. It has been said that the truth should have nothing to fear from investigation. If it is indeed the truth then further investigation should only help its validity. Where possible I want to avoid addressing individual beliefs and concentrate on critical thinking, weighing of evidence and testing ideas. Naturally there will be some overlap and it’s quite possible some people’s feelings may be hurt. Unfortunately this is inevitable given the topics and all I can say is “suck it up princess”. If your ego is so intimately intertwined with your beliefs then it is likely this blog is not for you.

To be fair, although I am currently an atheist this blog isn’t specifically about atheism. I am interested in pursuing the truth to our universe. If there are deities, things supernatural or an ultimate meaning to life then I want to know about it. Currently I have no reason to believe there are such entities or meanings, however I don’t claim to know everything. If you think you have good reason to believe these supernatural entities exist then I want to hear about it. Be aware though that I try to apply the same skepticism and scrutiny to all aspects of my life and your opinions will be torn apart and put back together. If they still make sense after being put back together then perhaps there is some credibility to them.

I have no idea how long this blog will last, but it is entirely possible that by the time I finish with it, I may no longer be an atheist. I have strong doubts this will happen, but I want to emphasise this is about exploration. If the evidence leads me towards picking up a particular brand of faith then that’s that. I want to know the truth, and if having faith is part of whatever the truth may be then this is hopefully where I will end up.

This leads me to laying down some ground rules. This is my soap box. The passion that people feel for these topics will inevitably lead to some heated discussions. I accept that and expect it. However under no circumstances are commenters permitted to argue with each other. If you want to argue you argue with me. If you’re topic is interesting enough I may consider dedicating an entire post to it. Feel free to respond to each other in the comments, however anyone found openly arguing will have their comment removed. What is deemed to be ‘arguing’ is at my discretion. Deal with it.

There are thousands of places on the internet to discuss and argue about evolution. I want to try to avoid making this place another one. My experience with this interesting topic is that neither side can convince the other, generally due to a lack of expertise on the topic. The discussion reaches a certain depth before both sides reach a stalemate where additional information is not understood enough to produce convincing arguments. I know I suffer from this and although I will periodically mention evolution (from the assumption it is true) I want to avoid making posts or comments specifically about this phenomena.

And finally, try to have fun. This universe is vast, complicated, mysterious and altogether beautiful. I am unfathomably grateful to be a part of it. For any one of us to think we have mastered the secrets to this place is absurd. I have no problem denouncing a foolish opinion, however always try to respect the individual. With a bit of luck, some common sense and a whole heap of tolerance, maybe, just maybe we can get a little closer to the truth.


3 Responses to About

  1. Rob C. says:

    Oops! I didn’t see this….It would have answered some of the few questions I posed to you in my first comment. My bad for not paying more attention.

    You mentioned evolution…..it’s a murky topic. I myself am somewhere between Evolution and Creationism, because neither is quite accurate enough for me and deal in absolutes. You’ll find I dislike absolutes a lot. Evolution by Intelligent Design, would best describe my stance on it. There you go. I am done with the topic and will not bring it up again……unless specifically ask, then I’ll take it off the blog. No worries.

    • archdragon87 says:

      No probs Rob. Reading your first comment I actually thought you had read this section and were probbing for additional understanding. I still intend to do another post specifically about Atheism and my own personal beliefs, so stay tuned for that.

      Generally I’d agree with you and try to avoid abosultes. However I also wouldn’t absolutely avoid absolutes either, as sometimes one answer is correct and one is just wrong. The answer doesn’t always lie somewhere between.

      I do take issue with Creationism because there’s just so much about it that we have very strong evidence against. Evolution by Intelligent design is at least possible given the evidence, although personally I don’t see the need for an intelligence. But that’s all I’ll say on that topic.

      • Rob C. says:

        You are correct. There many times when there is a correct one and a wrong one. I more refer to times when one side states that there’s is correct and that nothing beyond that point can be correct, EVER.

        As an example 1+1=2 that is a correct statement. But if I were to say that no matter what, if I have 1 of something and 1 of another something that there can never be more or less than 2. I would be dealing in an absolute that restricts my view, imagination and reality.

        I hope that made more sense and I look forward to hearing about Atheism and your personal beliefs. While somethings are clear, others not so much.

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