The Pale Blue Dot

My Dad has been saying for many years, if you want to know how important you are, go spend a day walking around the city alone. As per usual with humans though, this thinking makes us out to be much larger than we actually are.

This speech by Carl Sagan has been around for a while, but every now and then I think it’s worth sharing again, and well, I haven’t shared it on this blog yet. What’s remarkable is how he manages to sumarize just how insignificant we are, yet at the same time inspire.


TED Talk Challenge #30: Science can answer moral questions

TED Talk LogoI’ve been through a couple of talks in search of one that would serve as a satisfactory finale to the challenge and I think I’ve found it in Sam Harris.

For the past year or two since I began researching atheism and skepticism I’ve heard many people many times say that science can’t or shouldn’t touch on morals and for some time I’ve thought of that as complete and utter bullshit. Trying to explain why it’s bullshit on the other hand isn’t quite so easy.

Harris systematically goes through morals and how science can in fact have something to say on the matter.

I think this is one of the better talks I’ve listened to and I really hope it sparks some interesting conversations and debate. If nothing else I know I’ll be referencing it in future conversations I have.