TED Talk Challenge #26: Don’t regret regret

TED Talk LogoAt first I wasn’t sure I was in agreement with Kathryn Schulz in this talk, and I’m still not certain I’m 100% with her, but she finishes strong in her talk about regret and I think there’s a lot people can learn from thinking more about this rather human phenomenon.

Myself, I only have a small handful on things I regret and they sit there as reminders of how I can improve in the future. I think we should try to live our lives with as little regret as possible, but as Kathryn says we shouldn’t feel like we need to beat ourselves up over them.

Those were the droids you were looking forHave things that you regret, but once you’ve learned what you need from the event, let it go.



About Jamie D
I'm an entrepreneur and small business owner working in 3D animation and multimedia. I also have a keen interest in technology and education.

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