TED Talk Challenge #12: The shared experience of absurdity

It’s okay, the TED talk challenge is still up and running. I’ve just had couple of weeks with a hard slog at work that’s delayed things more than I wanted, but damn it I intend to finish this challenge.

We’re up to #12, which means we’ve got 18 more to go. I intend to try to get them all done before Christmas this year.

TED Talk Logo

So, this video is about absurd shared experience. Not all TED talks are full on or serious. Every now and then there’s a video that just kinda warms your heart. This is one of those.

Charlie Todd is a member of ‘Improv Everywhere’, a group that even if you don’t know them you’ve probably seen some of their work. They’re the people who dance in train stations and high-five random people. They’re work is absolutely brilliant, simply because they make people smile, (often on their way to work) because they can.

Firstly, check out the TED talk video to get some background on these guys.


Improv Everywhere

And once you’re done with that I encourage you to spare a few more minutes and check out their website:


where you can see a stack of their videos. I’ve no doubt it’ll make you laugh and give you a warm fuzzy feeling.

And please, share these videos. They’ll brighten yours and others day. It’s just nice to know there are people out there who dedicate their weekends to bringing laughter to random people.


About Jamie D
I'm an entrepreneur and small business owner working in 3D animation and multimedia. I also have a keen interest in technology and education.

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