TED Talk Challenge #1: Try something new for 30 days

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A few years ago I started watching TED talks. In a nutshell these talks are a collection of presentations given by some of the smartest, most innovative people on the planet.

These days I don’t watch the news. I found that watching the news is depressing and brings my attitude down. I also don’t think it’s a realistic look at the world, so it’s not just that I’m hiding from reality. Instead I watch TED talks and I find it makes me a great deal happier to be alive and it makes me a lot prouder to be a homosapien.

So many people think that mankind is a despicable race; a bane upon our world. Agent Smith from ‘The Matrix’ compared humanity to a virus; a species that ravages every habitat it touches before moving on to the next one. I think he was wrong. I don’t think we’re a virus, I think we’re the cure. And I want to prove that to you.

I have a challenge. The challenge is for anyone really, but it’s especially directed at those that think there is something fundamentally flawed about humanity. The challenge is simply this:

‘Watch a TED talk a day for a month’.

I guarantee that after a month you will feel differently about the world. You will be inspired. You will see what people are doing to help change the world and make it a better place.

I never explicitly took up this challenge. I watched TED talks for a couple of years. Some days I’d watch several, others I’d miss out all together. But I’ve watched a heap of them and it changed the way I thought. When I start feeling down about the world and begin to think something is wrong with humans, I just remind myself I haven’t been watching enough TED talks lately. And once I start watching them again, I feel better.

So I want to see people taking up this challenge. To help, I’m going to take up the challenge myself. I don’t expect it will make me feel much different because I’ve already made that transition. But hopefully it will get a few other people thinking.

Every day for the next month I’m going to link a TED talk. They range anywhere between 2 minutes to an hour and I understand people may not have that kind of time to spare. If that’s the case, go find a shorter one. It doesn’t matter what one you listen to. They cover a diverse range of topics and I doubt my choices will appease everyone. So go find your own. After a month, let’s see how we feel.

This is one I’ve seen a few times now. It’s by Matt Cutts and it’s entitled “Try something new for 30 days“. I thought it was appropriate.


About Jamie D
I'm an entrepreneur and small business owner working in 3D animation and multimedia. I also have a keen interest in technology and education.

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