Okay, rant time

Here is an email I just received. This isn’t the first moronic chain email I’ve received from this address. The last one was so enraging I wrote out nearly 10 pages of rant material just to calm myself down and then a week later deleted it. Sadly I didn’t have this blog back then or I would have kept it.

Here’s the email:









Okay, time to tear it apart.

  1. STOP FUCKING YELLING AT ME! Using all caps in written text signifies yelling. I understand you may be passionate about your opinions, but this kind of crap only gives me the impression you should be standing on a street corner with a board proclaiming the end of days. Knock it the hell off!
  2. You’re a bigoted moron in all three of the important sentence.
  • I want to leave the religious section blank. Funny enough we don’t all believe in something. And “be sure to at least tick Christian”? WTF? Careful my dear, your bi-arse is showing. I have a better idea, how about instead of mechanically ticking your “upbringing faith” how about you get off your arse and learn something about your chosen faith. You might be a little more inclined to think before you start spamming people next time.
  • “1,000,000 Muslims will tick their box”. Okay, first of all, so the hell what? They’re just an entitled to their wacky beliefs as you are. Heck, do a little research and you’ll find there’s more evidence for Mohammad then there is for Jesus. Not only are they perfectly allowed to believe, but their beliefs are more justified! Suck it up princess. And as for the outrageous number that you clearly pulled out of your bum, here’s the actual figures.

The 2006 census shows there were approximately 340,392 Muslims living in Australia, or approximately 1.7%. With no more than 10 minutes research online I found this and it’s been confirmed by a coupe of sources, including the Australian Government site. Stop bitching and use your fucking internet connection.




  • “10,000,000 AUSTRALIANS WILL LEAVE IT BLANK” Good! Maybe you should take the hint. 10 million Australians (who really knows  how many, no doubt you made that one up too) obviously don’t care! Or better yet, maybe they’re atheists! Seriously, if you’re going to throw numbers around at least take a minute to think about what they might mean.
  • “WONDER WHY A MOSQUE IS BUILT IN THEIR NEIGHBOURHOOD!” Dear god really? Are you actually putting that up as an argument? Okay, it doesn’t matter if there are two Muslims, if they want a place to pray they should be allowed to have one. This country isn’t your own little playground to play ‘I’m the king of religion’ in. As much as I would try to talk people out of their faiths they’re entitled to have one and it can be whatever the hell they like. They don’t have to believe like you.

This kind of idiocy really boils my blood. It’s bad enough they’re a bigot, but they’re an ignorant bigot. It took me a couple of minutes to learn they were spouting crap. Where’s the responsibility? Next time please, pick up a book, open an internet browser or at the very least phone a friend before you pick up a pen. You’ll look a hell of a lot less foolish and you’ll save the rest of us having to take 30 minutes time to correct you.



– Please for the love of god don’t. Just delete it.


Ah…I feel better now…


– Ignorance is not bliss. Stay inquisitive.



About Jamie D
I'm an entrepreneur and small business owner working in 3D animation and multimedia. I also have a keen interest in technology and education.

9 Responses to Okay, rant time

  1. Ama Dine says:

    Hi Arch, talking religions, you might ‘like’ this. This morning’s news – http://au.news.yahoo.com/a/-/newshome/9927589/census-wont-count-jedis-or-pastaferians/

    My son is a Jedi, he put it on the last census .. so did 55,000 other people, it seems .. since when are we not allowed to vote our conscience? LOL

    Love & Peace

    • archdragon87 says:

      Gotta love the way Assistant Treasurer Bill Shorten asks people to keep the jokes to a minimum. It’s almost as if he doesn’t take their religious beliefs seriously! As if not being a ‘recognised’ religion ever stopped anybody.

      I would be interested to know just how many people were being serious and how many are just joking. Any idea how serious your son was?

      • Ama Dine says:

        Knowing my son, he did it for fun. He does believe in a higher force, he just doesn’t name it, and even I was tempted to put Jedi at the time .. oh well? And most of the comments on that site seemed lame.

  2. Rob C. says:

    I know your in “pain” about the whole thing. I just find it extremely funny, not surprising, but amusing. I agree entirely with what you said, and have similar feelings toward people who are like that. But to me, the situation was hilarious and your reaction only added to that. I never expected a good laugh from this blog……I guess I judged prematurely. Being a “Christian” myself (my religion and I think we are, but the other “christian” religions refuse to accept us) I find it ridiculous how ignorant other claimed Christians can, about science, religion (their own and others), and politics. You’d think……or at least I do, the knowledge that a Supreme Being has created this universe for us, and established it’s laws and order, would inspire people to want to learn more about it. It’s safe to say that by studying the creation, you can learn more about the creator.

    • archdragon87 says:

      I have a really warped sense of humour and can find amusement in just about anything. On the one hand reading this stuff makes me angry and upset, but on the other hand it is also knee-slapping hilarious that people can be so dense. I’m glad you got a good laugh out of it. I do try and temper my forceful opinions with a touch of humour. Making people laugh is an extremely powerful tool.
      I also find it hilarious that different sects of Christianity refuse to acknowledge other sects. You can bet your bottom dollar that when the census comes through they’ll be counting up every Christian vote though, regardless of their sect.
      And yes, it dumbfounds me that so many people don’t care much about the god issue. I feel it’s one of the most important questions we can ask, and depending on the answer will determine how I live the rest of my life. Heck, I don’t even believe in your Supreme Being and I spend hours reading books, website and discussing the ideas with people, why is it so many belivers don’t?

      • Ama Dine says:

        Oh, they acknowledge them, Arch, but usually only to condemn them to eternal damnation. Funny about that .. according to the Christian Bible only 144,000 people will be ‘saved’ and ascend with Christ at the second coming. I once asked a very nice JW man if he was one of the 144,000 and he said no, he wasn’t good enough. So I asked him why he continued to believe in, and worship, a God that was going to send him to hell? He did it anyway. Now THAT is love .. or is it just stupidity? and he was not stupid man.

        • archdragon87 says:

          I’m a little torn on the 144,000 part. I have heard some reasonable arguments that the number doesn’t literally refer to the people who are to be saved. Sadly it’s been too long since I’ve read that section of Revelations or since I heard the arguments, so I’m afraid I couldn’t present it right now.

          As for the fellow…I’ve heard a similar one to a bloke who believed only the Jews were able to be saved. Not being a Jew himself he didn’t think he would be. Similar situation I guess.
          Unfortunately intelligent people are really good at justifying things to themselves, often times when they shouldn’t. It may have been his intelligence that got him into the trap in the first place. Something we should all watch out for…

          As for it being love…I don’t know. I’m not sure I have a good definition for ‘love’ anymore. Certainly though it sounds like his god didn’t love him back.

          • Ama Dine says:

            Revelation 7:4 .. and I heard the number of those who were sealed, one hundred forty-four thousand, sealed out of every tribe of the people of Isreal .. so only the Jews are invited.

            Revelation 14:1 … And with him were one hundred forty-four thousand who had his name and his Father’s name written on their foreheads.

            The webpage I found the passages on suggests there were two groups of 144,000, given that this second group doesn’t seem to have been specifically Jewish. Well, double is better than nothing given the world population. 😉

            It’s sad about the lack of care about God. I say this because, while the bible is not the unedited ‘word’ of God, there are some good lessons in there, and some good rules to follow .. like don’t murder each other. Turning your back on God because of the bible means letting sit idle a connection that might well just change your life completely. Kind of like Mission Impossible .. your mission, if you choose to accept it is .. to become a better person. I know we can do it on our own .. but I’ll tell you one thing, Arch .. since the angels finally introduced themselves many years ago .. I’ve never felt alone, and I always know I am profoundly loved .. and that has changed my life completely.

            Love & Peace

            I must admit the biblical stuff, and God, are some of my favourite discussion topics. I can spend hours reading other people’s opinions, without having to see them as the ‘be all and end all’, but (in my opinion) those who fear God are eternally bound to find things to appease their God, so they keep searching .. and when they find someone they can confront about their beliefs, they can turn into nasty pepole, because all that fear comes flowing through. It’s not that they want to harm us, but they do not want us to be lost, either ‘with’ them, or because of something they did or didn’t do. Guilt and fear .. great food for the dark.

  3. JohnMWhite says:

    Beautiful rant. Aside from the raw bigotry and HORRIBLE WRITING OF DOOM, what really drives me nuts about this sort of thing is that people can be so wrapped up in themselves they are somehow blind to the blatant hypocrisy of their position. I just find it hard to believe that people are so stupid. Maybe I’m too generous regarding the average human’s mental capacity, or perhaps I just have way too much time to think compared to most people, but it is actually painful and insulting to me to see someone act in such a dense manner they cannot figure out that if they want Christians to be able to express their faith they have to be ok with Muslims doing it too. And I guarantee you that whoever sent that chain letter will swear to their god that they are not racist, bigoted or in any way an intolerant person.

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