I’ve always had a lot of time for the musician ‘Pink’. She’s got a really hard-arse, ‘Fuck you’ attitude that I simply adore. I’ve never really been a fan though, and I only know a handful of her songs. Recently though I’ve got my hands on a couple of her Albums and yeah, I think I can now be called a fan. Not only do I still love those ‘Fuck you’ songs, but she’s got some really pretty, thought provoking songs too.

I was sitting on the train today, going into the city to catch up with a friend and listened ‘Dear Mr President’, which I hadn’t heard before. Halfway through my gut was knotted and shaking as I was trying to hold back tears. I haven’t been this moved by a song since I first listened to Casey Chambers ‘Ignorance’, which is a hidden track at the end of ‘I still Pray’. Fortunately I was in bed reading the first time I heard that and was able to cry without having to worry about being interrupted.

Here’s a youTube link to ‘Dear Mr President’.

It’s a stunning, heart-breaker of a song, but as good as it is I don’t think Pink got it quite right. Those with riches and power most certainly have their part to play in making the world a better place, but the burden doesn’t rest on their shoulders alone. It is the responsibility of all of us to work towards a better future.

I’ve never met anyone evil. Honestly the older I get the more I wonder if they even exist. Evil is so subjective. But what I do see every day is something I think could be worse than evil. When people see evil they stand up proud and lend each other a helping hand. When disasters strike people go out of their way to help and although I don’t think it’s worth the destruction, it is a beautiful thing to see.

What I think the real problem is, is indifference. When people just walk past someone in need. You see it every day; homeless people on the street and hundreds of people just keep walking. We accept it. We are indifferent to it. Every time I see this is tears me up inside. Despite that, I too keep walking.

The world is getting better. People are happier, healthier and live longer than ever before. Every generation we see improvements in the quality of human life. There is still a ways to go in terms of eliminating poverty (yes, I think it can be eliminated) and finding equality for all, but the system we have at the moment can only do so much. We could cure all these problems and create nets to help prevent it happening in the future. But we can never kill off all the negativity in the world until we overcome indifference. It is that little voice that says ‘someone else will deal with it’.

I find most people are good. If they weren’t, then there would be more people in jail than out of it. On average, most people do the right thing, behave appropriately and help out when asked. But we need more than that to truly make a difference. We need to be actively kind, not only when it is asked of us.


And so I make a request. Dont’ be indifferent. Be one of the people who makes a difference. And don’t wait, act now. Go join a charity (Sadly a couple of days ago I pulled out of the charity I donated to, as my funding is tight. But I have a job interview tomorrow and if all goes to plan I’ll be donating to a charity again as soon as possible). If you’re like me and can’t afford it, give a dollar to the homeless dude on the street. So what if he might use it for booze, he might also use it to better himself. He deserves the chance to do the right thing.

Don’t feel comfortable approaching the homeless? Okay, leave a chocolate bar on your coworkers desk. She looks like she could use the sugar hit. Make dinner for your sick housemate. Tell someone they’re important to you. For fuck sake ring your mother and tell her you love her. Mothers, ring your kids and do the same.

I don’t care what you do, just do something! And don’t wait until tomorrow to do it, do it now! And after you’ve done it, go about your day. Go to work. Go home. Make dinner. Go to bed. Then get up tomorrow and do something good again. And then something the day after. Do something worthwhile every day. It can be as much as large sums of money to charity, or as little as legitimately asking someone how they’re doing.

When the chick who serves you lunch asks ‘How are you?’, like they’re paid to do, say ‘Fine thanks, and you?’. Then wait for them to answer. I do this all the time and it almost never ceases to get a smile. Show them you care and that they’re not just an automated sandwich machine.


So go and do something, today, to make the world a better place. Don’t be indifference. And for fuck sake call your mother.


– Ignorance is not bliss, and life is too short. Stay inquisitive.


Okay, rant time

Here is an email I just received. This isn’t the first moronic chain email I’ve received from this address. The last one was so enraging I wrote out nearly 10 pages of rant material just to calm myself down and then a week later deleted it. Sadly I didn’t have this blog back then or I would have kept it.

Here’s the email:









Okay, time to tear it apart.

  1. STOP FUCKING YELLING AT ME! Using all caps in written text signifies yelling. I understand you may be passionate about your opinions, but this kind of crap only gives me the impression you should be standing on a street corner with a board proclaiming the end of days. Knock it the hell off!
  2. You’re a bigoted moron in all three of the important sentence.
  • I want to leave the religious section blank. Funny enough we don’t all believe in something. And “be sure to at least tick Christian”? WTF? Careful my dear, your bi-arse is showing. I have a better idea, how about instead of mechanically ticking your “upbringing faith” how about you get off your arse and learn something about your chosen faith. You might be a little more inclined to think before you start spamming people next time.
  • “1,000,000 Muslims will tick their box”. Okay, first of all, so the hell what? They’re just an entitled to their wacky beliefs as you are. Heck, do a little research and you’ll find there’s more evidence for Mohammad then there is for Jesus. Not only are they perfectly allowed to believe, but their beliefs are more justified! Suck it up princess. And as for the outrageous number that you clearly pulled out of your bum, here’s the actual figures.

The 2006 census shows there were approximately 340,392 Muslims living in Australia, or approximately 1.7%. With no more than 10 minutes research online I found this and it’s been confirmed by a coupe of sources, including the Australian Government site. Stop bitching and use your fucking internet connection.


  • “10,000,000 AUSTRALIANS WILL LEAVE IT BLANK” Good! Maybe you should take the hint. 10 million Australians (who really knows  how many, no doubt you made that one up too) obviously don’t care! Or better yet, maybe they’re atheists! Seriously, if you’re going to throw numbers around at least take a minute to think about what they might mean.
  • “WONDER WHY A MOSQUE IS BUILT IN THEIR NEIGHBOURHOOD!” Dear god really? Are you actually putting that up as an argument? Okay, it doesn’t matter if there are two Muslims, if they want a place to pray they should be allowed to have one. This country isn’t your own little playground to play ‘I’m the king of religion’ in. As much as I would try to talk people out of their faiths they’re entitled to have one and it can be whatever the hell they like. They don’t have to believe like you.

This kind of idiocy really boils my blood. It’s bad enough they’re a bigot, but they’re an ignorant bigot. It took me a couple of minutes to learn they were spouting crap. Where’s the responsibility? Next time please, pick up a book, open an internet browser or at the very least phone a friend before you pick up a pen. You’ll look a hell of a lot less foolish and you’ll save the rest of us having to take 30 minutes time to correct you.



– Please for the love of god don’t. Just delete it.


Ah…I feel better now…


– Ignorance is not bliss. Stay inquisitive.


Atheism and Agnosticism

After my first couple of posts and having people read the ‘About’ section it’s become obvious to me I’ve spent a little too much time hanging out in atheist circles with people who, generally speaking, think similarly as I do and understand the definitions I use.

Obviously that won’t always be the case here, so I wanted to take a post to explain my definitions for atheism, agnosticism and my beliefs in general. Looking over the post I’ve written I think defining atheism and agnosticism is enough to fill one post. I shall make my next post about the things that I do believe.


Atheism –

‘A person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings’.

That’s it. The rejection of belief. Saying “I don’t think so” when someone says their god exists.

Now, many people put atheism in the same category as Christianity, Islam, Buddhism or any other religion, and for purposes of census that’s probably where it belongs. But it needs to be said that technically atheism isn’t a religion. It is the rejection of religion.

To once again use proper definitions:


Religion –

1. A set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs.

2. A specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects.

3. The body of persons adhering to a particular set of beliefs and practices.

Now I can understand that when people first read these definitions they’d assume atheism falls into this category, but let’s break it down.

Obviously number 1 doesn’t fit. Rejecting the belief in a god doesn’t tell us anything about the cause, nature or purpose of the universe and obviously it’s the opposite of considering superhuman agencies.

2 and 3 are very similar and I’ll address them together. There are no atheistic practices. There is no doctrine or creed that binds us together. Finding someone is an atheist will tell you nothing about what they do believe. Admittedly there is often a consensus about many issues, such as abortion or gay rights but that is a byproduct of being critical thinkers, and most likely so is their atheism.

So we can reject practices, but what about beliefs? Surely the fact we all, by definition, reject the idea of a god or gods fits this?

Technically no. What needs to be pedantically pushed here is that a religion is a set of beliefs. Atheism is a rejection of those beliefs. It is an anti-belief. It is unbelief. Take note of that definition. A religion requires a set of positive beliefs. Beliefs you say ‘yes’ to. Atheism is saying ‘no’ to those beliefs.

I understand that people may think I’m being unnecessarily anal here and that I’m debating semantics but it is a very important point that needs to be got across. Atheism is not a religion. It cannot tell you anything about what a person does believe. To say atheism is a religion is like saying bald is a hair colour. Atheism is the absence of belief, just as bald is the absence of hair.

Now to get a little less clear. Strong atheism and weak atheism. I have heard there are positions other than these two, but I’d prefer to not muddy the water any more than need be, so I will try to limit my conversations to these two.


Weak Atheism – My definition

‘The disbelief in the existence of a supreme being or beings’.

Yep, basically weak atheism is the standard definition of atheism. That’s pretty simple.


Strong Atheism – My definition

The belief there is/are no god(s).

Strong atheism differs from atheism here. Weak atheism is akin to say “I don’t think you’re right” when someone claims their deity is real.

Strong atheism is stepping forward and saying “I believe I have evidence your god doesn’t exist”.

Now I freely admit here that strong atheism is a big step closer to being considered a religion. It is a positive belief in the lack of a deity. That doesn’t mean it comes with any of the extra baggage religions usually carry, such as political hierarchies, pray, creeds, practices or an opinion about the meaning of life.

So does that leave us with strong atheism technically being a religion? I would suggest a tentative no, and this is why.

Are we to categorize every positive belief as a religion? Would PC vs Mac users be considered a religion? They’re certainly dogmatic enough. Heck, they even have T-shirts! But I wouldn’t consider them a religious movement.

Something that might be a little more reasonable would be to compare strong atheism to those that believe in the Lockness monster or Bigfoot. I certainly don’t think either of these beasts exist. In fact I would argue there is positive evidence against their existence. When it comes to cryptozoology, I am a strong atheist. But I wouldn’t consider disbelief in Bigfoot to be a religious movement either.

What is it that makes one set of beliefs about something mundane (say your football team is the best) not religious, but others religious? Certainly we can’t start labelling every set of beliefs a religion, that would defeat the purpose of the label.

I openly admit that strong atheism comes a lot closer to being a religion than weak atheism. And maybe it’s one of those areas that’s so grey it just defies proper labelling.

For the purposes of this blog I am happy to admit that strong atheism is a religious belief, however it is a belief based upon evidence, not faith. And there are two more words I will need to define at some point.

I would argue however that although a belief about religion, strong atheism is still not a religion. To meet that requirement it would need the addition of practices, creeds and a collection of agreed upon beliefs. Strong atheism does not have this.


Agnostic –

1. A person who holds that the existence of the ultimate cause, as God, and the essential nature of things are unknown and unknowable, or that human knowledge is limited to experience.

2.A person who denies or doubts the possibility of ultimate knowledge in some area of study.

Now this is where things can get a little wishy-washy, and I’ll do my best to keep things clear. In terms of knowledge, I agree with the above definitions. We can never be 100% sure (about anything really) that a god does or doesn’t exist. It is always possible one may exist beyond our universe in a place we are completely incapable of exploring.

If we are to be honest I think we would all admit to being agnostic, at least in our knowledge. It’s possible a god may exist beyond the veil of our perception. It is also possible solipsism is true, and that nothing exists but ‘I’.

Now this is all well and good, but if we’re all agnostics then it kind of defines away both atheism and theism. Agnosticism is great for telling us about our limited knowledge, but it tells us nothing about what a person believes. And for the purposes of discussion, I find that vastly more interesting.

So, although I agree with the dictionary definition, I don’t find it all that useful. If we’re all agnostics then we all agree and we can go home right? But we know that we don’t all agree. That’s the damn point of this blog!

So what I want to do is use agnosticism to talk about belief. And this is where it fails.

When you have a dichotomy like belief or non-belief it is impossible to sit on the fence. Of course you can profess to not knowing (which we should all do) but if asked what you believe this fence sitting becomes impossible.

In your mind either the subject has met its burden of proof or it hasn’t. You either believe or you don’t. If you’re “unsure” then you fit into the latter category. ‘Unsure’ means the subject hasn’t quite met its burden of proof. ‘Unsure’ is just a less convinced version of disbelief.

So to try and wrap up agnosticism.


When it comes to knowledge we are all agnostics. We can never be 100% certain no matter how smart we think we are, or whether we think god(s) have spoken in our ears.

When if comes to belief none of us are agnostics. Either the burden of proof has been met or it hasn’t. We are either believers or atheists.

For these reasons I will generally try to avoid using agnosticism as a label. If we’re talking about knowledge, we all are. If we’re talking about belief, none of us are. The title becomes useless and tells us nothing.

When and if I use agnosticism I will use it to refer to people who believe there is something more to the world we see around us, but don’t limit that ‘something’ to a deity. It may be a force, an energy source, a purpose to life. This is still fairly wish-washy but at least it tells us something. The individual has a belief in something supernatural, however they don’t adhere to any of the major religions.


So, the work still to be done. I’m going to need to find working definitions for both faith and belief. These can be fairly wish-washy and you may have different definitions, but for the purpose of you understanding me I’ll lay those out in another post.

I need to do another post covering my own beliefs. This will cover some of my morals, why I am a strong atheist and probably a short list of other crap I don’t believe.


-Ignorance is not bliss. Stay inquisitive.


Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, Cocksucker, Motherfucker, Tits.

You may be wondering why there is a post on swearing on an atheist blog. There are several reasons for this. First and foremost I want to emphasise this is not a blog for everyone. And if this doesn’t help prove that I don’t know what will. Secondly, although I am an atheist I’m less interested in hammering on religion than I am in hammer on critical thinking. So let’s begin.

Words don’t have meaning. They are a random assortment of sounds, compiled in a way that is just as random. Any meaning words have they have because we assigned that meaning to them. Any offence we take to words then, is offence we choose to take, just as we choose the meaning to the word. Therefore it is not the word itself that is offensive, but the meaning behind the word.

We all swear. This is something that needs to be recognised if we are ever to get over this ‘proper’ crap. Remember it is not the word that is offensive, but the meaning behind the word. Therefore when your dear grandmother says ‘shoot’ or ‘sugar’ when stubbing her toe you should instantly recognise that she didn’t actually mean ‘shoot’ or ‘sugar’, she in fact meant ‘shit’.

How do we know this? ‘Shoot’ and ‘sugar’ are words that already have meaning. ‘Shoot’ is something that someone does with a gun when rabbiting, and ‘sugar’ is something that grandmother likes in her coffee (although not her tea, she’s already sweet enough). To stub your toe and request sugar doesn’t make any sense. Sugar has no healing properties. Sucking on a teaspoon of sugar will do nothing to heal the pain in her toe. So why on earth does grandmother utter ‘sugar’ when in pain?

The answer is obvious. Grandmother believes in ‘proper’ language and wouldn’t be caught dead uttering such atrocities, however, she really wants to swear. So instead of using the improper word she uses another. This may fool some people who have come to accept that words themselves have meaning, but we should recognise better. Grandmother is in fact swearing, although you’ll have issues getting her to admit it. The meaning behind her utterance is not a request for a sweetener, it is an attempt to blow off steam and possibly to draw some sympathy. The meaning behind her language is identical to my use of the word ‘shit’ in the same circumstance.

Some people think it limits your language to use dirty words. This is absolutely not the case. Sadly it is often true that people who use such words do have a limited vocabulary. I’ve met several people who couldn’t go a sentence without using ‘fuck’. But let’s not confuse limited vocabulary as the cause for swearing as this is an entirely different matter.

To limit ones vocabulary by removing these words is almost as detrimental as only using them. Language is nothing more than a way of communicating meaning. If I were to remove my ability to communicate a certain level of pain, frustration or anger I would be limited my ability to communicate with people. Surely this can only be detrimental.

That’s not to say these words should be thrown around willy-nilly. There is a time and place for such words as the occasion calls for it. To use ‘fuck’ as every second or third word dilutes its meaning and makes it less impactful when it is truly needed.

Please understand that language is there for us to communicate and nothing more. Never confuse the assortment of sounds coming out of someones mouth for anything but the intended meaning for which they were spoken. Remember to speak with respect to your audience. Using ‘god fucking damn it’ in front of your grandmother for dropping her teacup is not going to do you any favours. But also remember that when the time calls for it, a great big ‘fuck you cunt’ may be necessary to express how you truly feel, and that when the time is appropriate not to shy away from such language for the fear of sounding improper.

And now as a counter example to grandma, here’s an occassion where I wholeheartedly agree foul language is needed to get the points across. And I challenge anyone to disagree.

Seven dirty words:

Oh, and while we’re on the subject. Nigger. Suck it up princess. Perhaps at some point I’ll dedicate an entire post to this ridiculously abused word.

Researchers make strides in creating artificial intelligence

Oddly enough learning and education will be a big part of Inquisitive Bliss. I’m happy to link anything I feel is interesting, but my favourite ones will be topics that force us to question. The following article will hopefully be one of these kinds.

Although still a long way off we’re another step closer to creating not only life, but intelligent life. Many people think only gods have the power to create life. So far their ignorance has been kept safe, but only because we haven’t done it yet.

The day will come when humanity takes its first step into our own Genesis story and succeeds in creating life. Even if you don’t agree with that (and if you don’t I ask you what barriers do you see preventing this?) it raises interesting philosophical questions.

Assuming gods exist, why should they be the only ones to have this power?

If souls exist, will a bio-engeneered organism have one? Why/why not?


Advances like this force us to ask difficult questions about faith and the ‘facts’ of those faiths. As to the nature of souls and who gets one, it feels to me that the answers to these questions make so much more sense if we assume the world is as we see it and souls do not exist.

Your thoughts?